About Us

Wenusophy Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a company emphasizing on wholeness of a woman’s life, with the belief of beauty inside-out, to indicate that the true beauty is having both inner and external beauty. It is an attitude that conveys positive values of a malay woman such as wisdom & knowledge, dignity, confidence, responsibility, self-esteem and morale.

Wenusophy Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company of Ina Industries which is an undergarment business since 1986. In year 2009, the team realized that covering head and scalp in a long period may cause health and hair loss problem. Thus, they started research and development on performance fabrics other than apparel and launched Ina Tudung after two years.

Ina Industries specializes in innerwear, golf wear, adult apparel, infant and kids apparel. The company has collaborated with brand names such as AVON, Audrey, Skiva, Dockers, LSSM (Levi’s Malaysia), Anakku, Tollyjoy, Kiko etc.

Wenusophy Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in year 2012, specializing in hijab, headscarf, head-gear, and veil for the wellbeing of all Muslimah.